The scenes below were shot on green screen within our Live Virtual Set system:

Call for Rates

Basic Package:

* 2 Hour Session
* Up to 2 Actors
* Up to 3 Scenes (~3 min. each)
* Multi-Camera Virtual Set
* Professional Lighting and Sound
* Copy to Client's Hard Drive
* Upload to YouTube or Vimeo


* Makeup / Hair Artist
* Advanced Editing
* Advanced Virtual Sets
* 3 or More Actors
* Longer Scenes​
​* Call for Details

Recent Examples

​​​WebCam Riot! Studios is pleased to launch our Actor Reel service. Using our state of the art real-time video system on green screen, we are able to place actors in live multi-camera Virtual Sets and shoot complete scenes. Choosing from a variety of multi-angle sets (or custom designing them), we record the live line-cut to disk, then make it available to you by copying to your personal hard drive.  Also, we will upload the finished piece to your YouTube or Vimeo page...  all in the same day!

Our staff and crew are all seasoned industry professionals and we are conveniently located in Burbank.  It's truly a one-stop actor reel shop! Contact us today to book your session. See rates and examples below.

Actor Reels - Virtual Sets and Same Day Service!