VodCast Studio Features:

* Broadcast Live or Record for Archival (or both) 
* Green Screen with Real-Time Custom Virtual Sets
* Professional Cameras w/Tally Lights
* Professional Microphones and IFB System
* Teleprompters and On-Set Monitors
* DMX Lighting Grid (iPad Controlled)
* Integrated Multiple Skype Interviews and Google Hangouts
* Video and Audio Clip Playback, Web Browser PIP
* Simultaneous Iso Sound Recording for Audio Only Version
* Same day upload to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
* Viewer Interaction and Polling via Custom Software
* Crew available to operate video switcher and audio mixer 
​  (so you don't have to!)
* Control Room, Lobby, Dressing Room, Make-Up Station, Kitchen
* Not having to use your garage or living room!

​Our staff and crew are all seasoned industry professionals and our studio is conveniently located in Burbank.  It's truly a One-Stop VodCast Shop! Contact us today to book your session.

Our new VodCast Service provides everything you'll need!  By using our Green Screen and Virtual Set video system, your multi-camera show will engage your viewers and stand out from other low production value shows! You're PodCast will blossom into an exciting VodCast!

The clips below were taken from episodes of "The Gab", a political talk show, and "Fascinating Fights", a debate show which matches up two pop-culture icons head to head. Each was shot live on green screen within our multi-camera Virtual Set system.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Recent Examples:

​​​​​WebCam Riot! Studios is excited to offer our new VodCast service!

Have you thought about having your own show or perhaps taking your existing PodCast to the next level? Many successful audio PodCast producers are now adding one or more webcams and transforming their content into more traditional TV shows. This can bring new challenges, such as having to shoot at home or in a poorly lit office, figuring out which video switching and streaming software is reliable, and accomplishing having an overall professional looking product.

VodCasts - Take Your PodCast to the Next Level!